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This study seeks to contribute to building the status of AA progress. And also stimulate its use at our university. Currently, 42 national universities are registered with the National Inter-University Council, 16 have developed a specific type of AA initiative since 2010, and currently 8 universities with their repositories are registered in international catalogs and in the web repository rating. The rest are at the project stage or are digital files that were not taken into account in this study.

Online data room providers. According to the authors, the initiative to create a national system of digital repositories in the field of science and technology, in addition to the bill, which already has the sanction of deputies and offers the mandatory deposit of results. Research in AA storages will lead to a significant increase in these new communication resources in national universities, since this the topic is slowly but decisively on the agenda of these institutions. Similarly, the study serves to capture how ICTs contributed to access to free and free information, known as the AA movement. And that this way of working, which allows access to various approaches to scientific knowledge, contributes to the creation of genuine knowledge. The direction of scientific work is the deepening of the master’s thesis of one of the authors.

To conduct the study, it was divided into stages: – Research phase: the research object was analyzed on the basis of collected information, which comes not only from traditional documents, such as articles, abstracts and books, but also from various sources in such lines as blogs, wikis, sites of AA organizations and initiatives, among others. – Description phase: the international trends of the AA movement, the current panorama of storage facilities associated with Argentinean national university institutes, were studied and determined.

Selection stage: Information repositories of Argentinean national universities were selected from the latest available edition of the following sources of information. Open Access Repository Directory (openDOAR), Open Access Repository Registry (ROAR), World Network Repository Rating (RWRM).

The results obtained at each stage are described in detail below. For the purposes of the AA Movement study, the following statements or initiatives and other online resources were studied: – Budapest Open Access Initiative. Open access should fundamentally satisfy two conditions for the intellectual property of documents. A prerequisite is free access to all texts via the Internet, which allows them to be read, downloaded, copied, printed and distributed in accordance with applicable copyright laws.

In another condition, the basic publication mechanisms are announced, on the one hand, publication in open access journals, called the golden or golden road, and on the other, self-archiving of documents in institutional or thematic repositories, called the green or green road.

Open Access Publication Statement: Declares that copyright will be guaranteed by product licenses and must be deposited in accordance with a standard procedure ensuring compatibility and long-term retention. (Open Source Publication Statement, 2003).

Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Natural Sciences and Humanities: Expresses the need to develop policies for both the repository and the institution related to publications made on the premises of the AA movement.

Open Access Statement: A View of the Developing World: It expresses the point of view of those developing countries that have the greatest difficulty in accessing research. Declaration on Access to Research Data from Public Funding: Requests signatory countries to facilitate free access to scientific documentation obtained from publicly funded research.

Declaration on open access to scientific literature and research documents: declares that the worldwide network of library and information services provides access to past, present and future scientific literature on research and documentation, ensures its safety; This helps users in finding and using documents, among other things.