Virtual Data Room Software for Investment banking

A virtual data room is a secure platform for cooperation and information exchange between investors and interested parties, allowing sensitive information to be communicated safely.


ShareVault is a secure VDR system that investment bankers use for due diligence during M&A, restructuring, and asset sales all around the world. The website also makes it easier to communicate essential papers with investors while raising funds through a private placement, an initial public offering, or a seasoned public offering.

You can speed up due diligence while keeping track of every step performed by potential acquirers or investors as they analyze due diligence papers using ShareVault. You can retrospectively remove access to other users, even for papers that have already been downloaded, if you and your client have reached an agreement with the acquirer.

You can withdraw access to other users in the past, even if they have already downloaded documents.

Users may use ShareVault to protect intellectual property and private data, organize and present due diligence documents more effectively, prepare for due diligence more quickly, speed up the document review process, watch user behavior and measure interest, and keep a thorough audit trail. Best of all, ShareVault’s award-winning 24/7 assistance is available to users at all times. Do you want to know what the greatest virtual data room software will be in 2022? Virtual data room (VDR) software is now required in a variety of situations. Many others, on the other hand, are completely unaware of it. Virtual data room software offers a wide range of strategic advantages to enterprises. One of these is the capacity to store and share data in a secure manner. When it comes to virtual data room software, keep in mind that the price tag does not necessarily represent the product’s quality or reveal anything about its capabilities. In reality, you’re just as likely to discover a good virtual data room program at the low end of the pricing range as you are at the high end. Naturally, not everyone knows which virtual data room software packages are the greatest and which are the most affordable. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10.


ShareVault is a secure file-sharing solution for the Investment Banking Industry that allows for the structured exchange of confidential papers and sensitive information with investors and stakeholders for asset sales, M&A due diligence, loan initiatives, and other purposes.

ShareVault is widely considered as one of the easiest to use virtual data rooms, with the most versatile security rules appropriate to handle any secure document sharing situation. It offers the biggest number of corporate connection options, superb reporting, and award-winning 24/7 support.

Customers like ShareVault’s user-friendly interface, which allows them to easily search for and discover anything, as well as jump immediately to the page they want, even in the most lengthy documents.


Make the most of your storage space and resource capacity. To manage documents effectively and intelligently, ShareVault employs hierarchical tags instead of folders.


With 256-AES encryption, you’ll have bank-level security. Create security policies for each person, folder, group, and other entity. Copying, printing, document saving, and screenshotting are all disabled.


Without any fuss, get a full audit record of user actions and track viewing time as well as page-level activity for shared documents.